Gemelle House
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Gemelle House: dual geometry

The concept for this project originates from a unique aspect – creating a house to maintain the connection between two families of twin sisters, whose distinctiveness lay in the dream of living in the same location, yet in separate houses. It was essential, however, to design a shared social area where everyone could interact in the same space while ensuring the privacy of each family.

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To fulfil the requested functional program, three units were designed: two separate houses and a pivotal element with social functions that serves as an “umbilical” connection, facilitating the communication among all residential clusters. The exterior appearance of the building arises thus from the intersection of several volumes, each corresponding to a functional space, treated with the same plasticity and harmoniously grouped together.


The project is characterized by a volumetric composition of pure forms, dematerialized through recessed planes, creating a play of contrasts between light and darkness, projections, and setbacks. These effects are achieved through openings that generate scenic and contemplative effects in the interactions between these volumes and the landscape, thereby alleviating the executed volumes.


The social and private zones are clearly separated in the interior spatial organization of each unit. The integration of the building into the sloped terrain aimed to address the question of how to conceptualize space. Therefore, the proposal was executed in a way that fully captures the panoramic view without sacrificing both the physical and visual connection to the surrounding landscape. Multiple access points to the exterior, both on the ground floor and in the basement, allow the full utilization of the property’s considerable size while enhancing the use of the land.