Njimbu Center
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Njimbu Center

At Njimbu Center everything is designed to make life memorable.
Contemporary design, state-of-the-art architecture, innovative concepts served by impeccable technology and construction, provide residents with days of absolute comfort where the pools and the Spa integrate
the natural fruition of an African climate.

Designed for leisure and relaxation, the bars support the residential area as a natural extension of the dwellings from which you can start and return, right there, right at the Njimbu Center.

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Host the office at Njimbu Center is to ensure the best location and investment for any company in Talatona, Luanda.
To install brands placed in premium segments, the Njimbu Center devised a set of spaces that value products for the A / B segment.
Within a complex whose frequency guarantees a significant flow of potential market for the brands to be installed here, the stores here will count with the contribution of the prestige that a complex with these characteristics guarantees: a cosmopolitan, international environment, aligned with the consumption patterns Contemporaries.

At Njimbu Center, an important area was dedicated to the growing event market, all kinds of events.
On two floors, spaces have been designed that develop in underground plans and receive natural lighting, there is a connection between the terraces and outside access to the bar area. The whole strategy considered the multiple use of the different spaces, maintaining a dynamic that allows users to enjoy various typologies and valences, in movement, attitudes of those who demand the best at all times.
In addition to the exceptional hall – designed for all types of events, the most demanding and selective wedding ceremony or celebration – infrastructures for catering technical support and other valences essential in the organization of events, there is also a specific space for children’s events -juvenis.
For corporate events such as corporate presentations, meetings between clients, suppliers and partners, internal training and a number of needs that contemporary companies and organizations present, there is a proper space suitable for corporate events.

All the spaces of events access to the outdoor green areas, maintaining the dynamics of the flow of the enterprise: an exclusive, polivante space, designed to respond in detail to the demands of a new and demanding market.