RCR House
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RCR House: light, intimacy, balance, and contemplation

Photography by © Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

This exercise in balancing volumes created spaces meant to be fully experienced – some in a more private and intimate manner, others engaged in a dialogue with the exterior, yet maintaining the sense of intimacy and refuge regarding the surroundings.


Two floors house the functional program: a garden, barbecue area, living and dining room with a strong connection to the outdoors, bathrooms, kitchen, three bedrooms, an office, and a garage. The circulation area features a linear staircase beneath a skylight that illuminates both the upper floor interior of the house and the office/library.


Natural light is a constant presence, such as in the bedrooms, where side openings with slats and metal shutters filter the light without obstructing the interior’s view of the surrounding landscape.


On one side, a balanced console serves as the main entrance of the house, while on the other, the volume rests on a concrete slab that covers the living room and the outdoor dining area.


The main entrance of the house is marked by a large door, in harmony with the impressive scale of the RCR House.


Walls covered in lacquered aluminium slats on the lower floor and large sheets of matte lacquered black glass on the upper volume create a significant chromatic contrast, enhancing the horizontality of the forms and reducing the apparent volumetric weight.


This intervention fosters deeply intimate relationships: between interior/exterior, between user/surrounding space, and even between surrounding space/created volumes, in an exercise of contemporary precision, where nature and poetry find a prominent place.


The RCR House won the Archilovers Best Project 2021 award and was nominated for the ArchDaily 2022 Building of the Year Awards.