RR House
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RR House

Photography by © Renato Ferreira | EDF

The exterior image of the building results from the connection of the two elements – the new and the old. The former is given to us by the memory of the facade, while the new appears in all proposed construction. Assuming these two moments, it is intended to create a uniform volume, defined by a volumetry of pure forms, dematerialized by planes recessed, forming a set of contrasts of light and dark, advances and retreats, of light and shadow, with a strong communication between The built and the surrounding, favoring the best sun exposure.

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The balconies are balanced and the windows are in a recessed plane so that light can be controlled and filtered. The social zone and the innermost zone are clearly separated at the level of inner spatial organization.

The integration of the building on the ground responds to the question of how to think of space in the landscape. Thus, we tried to implement the proposal in order to be able to fully enjoy the views without losing contact, both physical and visual, with the surrounding soil. The various accesses to the exterior on the ground floor allow the usufruct of the land in its entirety.