Ville Gemelle
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Ville Gemelle

The exterior image of the building results from the intersection of several volumes, corresponding to each functional space, treated with the same plasticity, which are harmoniously grouped together.

It is defined by a volumetry of pure forms, the dematerialized house in recessed planes, forming a game of contrasts of light and dark, advances and retreats, of light and shadow and for this, the balconies are balanced and the windows are In a recessed plane so as to be able to control and filter the light.

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The social zones and the most intimate zones are clearly separated at the level of the inner spatial organization of each fraction. The integration of the building on the ground aims to answer the question of how to think of space in the landscape. Thus, we tried to implement the proposal in order to be able to fully enjoy the views without losing contact, both physical and visual, with the surrounding soil. The various accesses to the exterior, both on the ground floor and in the basement, allow the usufruct of the land in its entirety.

The succession of several horizontal platforms, to several different dimensions, allows a direct and almost permanent contact with the surrounding terrain with an adaptation of the construction to the existing slope, without affecting the desired visual frames.